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Vantage Vacation Rentals vs. OTAs—Know the Difference

If you’re renting out or looking to rent your vacation property in Myrtle Beach, SC, you might be wondering: How does a company like Vantage Vacation Rentals differ from an Online Travel Agency (OTAs) like Vrbo or Airbnb? 

We’re glad you asked. We get this question all the time. Naturally, it can seem like our companies do the same things. We’re all in the short-term rental industry. We all serve property owners and guests in North Myrtle Beach. And we conduct a great deal of our business over the Internet. 

The similarities pretty much end there. That’s not to say OTAs are bad. In fact, we use OTAs all the time to expand the reach of our property promotions. But the differences between us are important to note—and they bring tremendous value to our property owners and guests alike.

Management vs. marketplace

We are a turnkey solution designed to let you sit back.

Companies like Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway and TripAdvisor are known as marketplaces. They use huge websites that help connect property owners and potential guests. 

And that’s essentially the “water’s edge” for them. For owners of North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, Vantage is more in the category of a management company. That means we help property owners maximize their property’s potential, every step of the way.

We are a turnkey solution designed to let you sit back and simply endorse checks. You can rely on us to make your Myrtle Beach vacation rental property profitable and worry free by handling such tasks as:

  • Property listings and promotion. We work with you to capture the essence of your property and write a compelling description that articulates the amenities. Our professional photographers help it come alive with vivid images that ignite guests’ imaginations. Airbnb and Vrbo don’t do that. Vantage even helps you set rates for your property based on the current market.
  • Promotion. With your listing complete, we aggressively promote your property to our expansive prospect list across multiple geographic areas and marketing channels, including email and social media.
  • Booking. Your guests can book your property directly through the Vantage website or by calling our team of trained reservation specialists. You can track all the details through our convenient Owner Portal.
  • Guest communication. From check-in through checkout and beyond, we actively communicate with guests to share all important information and ensure their vacation experience is one to remember. Since we’re locals, we can add value to our customer service with personal recommendations for where to eat, what to do and more.
  • Property care. We make sure your property stays clean and in excellent working order. We conduct regular inspections and update you as needed. If there are any maintenance issues—at any time—rest easy knowing Vantage has it covered and will minimize any impact on guests. You have the option to use your vendors or ours for all cleaning and repairs.
  • Security. We’ve partnered with PointCentral Home Technology to provide both smart energy management and smart access to rental properties for owners, guests and staff.
  • Bookkeeping. Vantage has its own accounting department to process all of the income and expenses for your property. We even remit state and local rental taxes on your behalf. We provide you with clear statements and keep all records, from revenues and repairs to taxes and 1099s.

Locally focused

We live and breathe Myrtle Beach.
In fact, we have offices right here.

Given their business model, the big marketplace services have to offer something for everyone. They may offer services and properties like home sharing, trailers, mobile homes, campsites or extended stays. They aim to blanket the entire country with a single site. 

Here at Vantage, we’re a lot more focused. We live and breathe Myrtle Beach. In fact, we have offices right here. We promote local events. We even give your guests, upon arrival, special discounts for local attractions—which goes a long way toward repeat bookings. 

We’re here for you

You’ll always have one friendly person you can count on
for answers and action.

We saved the best difference between Vantage and the marketplace OTAs for last: With Vantage, you get a real person as your single point-of-contact for all business with your Myrtle Beach rental property. So, while you’ll have a huge team working on your behalf for client services, marketing, reservations and property care, you’ll always have one friendly person you can count on for answers and action.

Learn more about the Vantage advantage

We’ve just scratched the surface of the many advantages that come from teaming with Vantage for vacation rental management. To learn more about how we increase revenue while decreasing stress, call our team at 888-404-3110, option 4. Or check out and visit the section on vacation rental management services.

About Vantage

Founded in 2007, Vantage Vacation Rentals specializes in delivering exceptional experiences for both vacation property owners and their rental guests in popular Maryland destinations such as Ocean City, Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the Delaware beaches and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Vantage serves owners with extensive property marketing and promotion as well as comprehensive property management services to help maximize rental income opportunities. With over 550 managed properties, Vantage makes it easy for vacationing guests to find and reserve the perfect option—then enhances their stay with exclusive benefits and discounts. To learn more about Vantage Vacation Rentals, visit, and

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